Another Year

…*shifty glance* yes I’m a horrible blogger; I admit that. I’m still working on going over to Vlogs and podcasts, but i’m sure you all know how well that’s going. So I finally have a job, been keeping busy, it’s been nice. After i stopped the blog again i stopped going to weekly movies. but I still saw some. (i’ll list those i’ve already done reviews on as well)

Django Unchained: ★★★★★ (yes it came out 2012, but i didn’t see it til 2013 so :P )

Warm Bodies: ★★★.5  Hoult was REALLY good as R, but the rest were ok. visuals and sound were nothing special. I thought it was very clever, a sympathetic zombie. didn’t see it til the summer on Netflix.

Side Effects: ★★★ Good story, but the rest of it was pretty forgettable. I prefer Contagion (its predecessor)

Spring Breakers: ★★★.5 It was quite an experience. The overall effect was numbing, but not just from boredom. It really was striving to reach an emotional deadness in tone and character. acting and story? eh. I appreciate how it worked, but i can’t really say I ENJOYED it.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: Saw it on an airplane. An honest waste of talent. LAME, NEXT

Olympus has Fallen: ★★.5 it’s everything you’d expect, nothing special, but nothing really bad either. overall very unremarkable.

Iron Man 3: ★★★★.5  Marvel once again brought its A-game. acting wasn’t great, but everything else was really good. RDJ is really good, but i don’t feel like the performances were great, just what we’ve come to expect. Dialogue wasn’t quite as good as Avengers, but it’s made up for in character development and the big twist (which i really liked). Sound and visual were both really good.

The Great Gatsby: ★★★.5 It’s a very solid adaptation of the classic novel, but it really doesn’t do much with it. It feels like it just slapped it up on the screen with the Baz Luhrman visuals and not much else (it WAS very pretty). I’ve seen all the actors do better, they’re all good actors, but not doing much here. I was kinda bored with it by the end, ah well.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: ★★★ I was really annoyed at the story of this one. There is no new character development, and the ripping off of Wrath of Khan was WAAY over the top. The actors were solid, but no progress from what they did last time. Cumberbatch is solid as Khan, but his character was poorly written. Sound and Visuals were still really good…when i could see what the hell was going on (bloody shaky cams and Lens flare). the obscuring effects seemed to tone down in the second half of the movie (but the first half was almost criminal how little i could really see).

Much Ado About Nothing: ★★★★

Man of Steel: ★★★

This is the End: ★★★.5 I thought it was really funny and well written. Nothing special in visual or audio. I will say this: I REALLY dislike Jonah Hill, here was no exception, I wanted to punch him pretty much the entire movie.

World War Z: ★★★.5

White House Down: ★★★ I liked this one better than Olympus has Fallen. They were both mediocre on pretty much all counts, so why is this one better? White House Down recognized how silly the premise was and ran with it, it went for campy action, running with so many action tropes. and for me that’s good, i’d rather let a movie be silly than be hollow action beats.

Pacific Rim: ★★★★ (i’m gonna devote a whole review to this one)

Red 2: ★.5 I was truly disappointed by this one, but my parents loved it. I could not follow it at all, i had only half an idea of why things were happening. If i can get Inception and (kinda) get Donnie Darko on the first go, you REALLY screwed up if i can’t follow.

Sharknado: oh the movie was absolutely terrible. AND THAT’S WHAT MADE IT SO FUN! it’s a terribad movie (so bad it’s good) but I still can’t give it points for anything since it really did suck.

Don Jon: ★★★★ I quite liked it, tho i can’t vouch for the accuracy of their N.J. accents. It was fairly predictable, but presented in a way that made it feel more original. The visuals and audio were solid, but not remarkable. I guess it was just carried on pure charisma, and you know what? that’s not always a bad thing. that’s the reason I enjoy Brothers (2009)

Gravity: ★★★★.5 I tried very hard not to watch this movie, i held a grudge on it for ages, but EVERYONE i listen to in the film community was RAVING about it. so i caved and saw it (in 3D). and it was as good as everyone promised it would be. STUNNING use of CG. AMAZING utilization of music, but more importantly it used silence. I cannot stress how powerful silence is, and yet so few movies really use that to their advantage. Sandra Bullock was pretty good, but I was more impressed by George Clooney. I can’t say why, that spoils the joke. My one complaint is i probably would have ended the movie about 5 minutes earlier (just me). i hope the movie is still as good without insane surround and a bug screen.

Thor: The Dark World: ★★★: Honestly i think this is one of the weakest Marvel films in this continuity (if not the weakest) Poor pacing, not great writing. It was very pretty to look at, but beyond that i wasn’t impressed. HOWEVER. the mid-credit spoiler had me silently screaming with joy.

Catching Fire: ★★★★ SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE!! good direction, better handling of the adaptation. Most of their cuts made sense (tho some of their additions made things too obvious for the uninitiated). The action scenes flowed so much better, if only there were more in the third act. Music…kinda sucked, I’m not a fan of James Newton Howard’s score, it’s not BAD, but it could be so much more. Acting was very good. Jennifer Lawrence has in the last year become my new celebrity crush (sorry Natalie, but you being a momma means i gotta move on, but i still love you).

Frozen: ★★★★.5 it looked so generic from its ads, but were they so wrong. It seems Disney is draining the life and power out of Pixar and funneling it into their own pictures. Story was original (for a Disney movie). the voice acting was very good, they’re all good singers, there’s something different…It was very pretty. Where it really shines tho is the songs. look up “Let It Go”, no seriously look it up now. my one problem was act 3, there was not a single song in the last third, it really felt weird considering how many songs were in the first third. I wish it had been longer, I wanted another song or two, and i really wanted to see more development of Elsa (the snow queen), but disney movies it seems can’t be more than 100 minutes anymore (stares sadly at Mary Poppins). I’d like to add this: the opening cartoon “Get a Horse” was one of the most infuriating things i’ve ever seen. It totally insulted the magic of Mickey, turning him into something shallow and mean. Most critics love it, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY hated it. It actually ruined the first few minutes of Frozen i was seething so bad. (thank god frozen cooled my temper with its awesome music).

Favorite movie i saw? Pacific Rim. Loved it :D BEST movie i saw this year (not counting Django) i’d probably say Gravity.

Movies i still want to see from the year: Oz the Great and Powerful, Evil Dead (to compare), Trance (i hear it’s quite good), Now you see me, Lone Ranger ( i gotta see the trainwreck myself to believe it, but i totally called how much it was gonna bomb), the way way back, Wolverine, The Spectacular Now, Elysium, Kick-Ass 2 (…kinda), The World’s End, Rush, 12 years a Slave, All is Lost, Blue is the warmest Color, Mr Nobody, The Wind Rises, American Hustle, Saving Mr Banks, Wolf of Wallstreet, August: Osage County