Weekend’s Frivoloties

So, the internet in my flat is dead, kinda annoying, so I had to wait til i could get back in the office. Suppose that’s a good thing since it allowed me time to THINK about the movie before reviewing it (a lesson i learned from my review of The Hunger Games). so this weekend, i finally saw DJANGO UNCHAINED.

It plays out a lot like any other Tarantino film, over the top violence, out of place, but oddly appropriate, music, the works. And like other Tarantino films, it’s DAMN GOOD! My review sections may be a bit shorter, didn’t MEMORIZE it

Acting: I’m still not sold on Jaime Foxx, he was fine, but really nothing special if you ask me, that could just be the character. As always I was very happy with DiCaprio, I maintain he’s one of the better actors working these days, his character was quite good and quite unlikeable. Christophe Waltz once again kinda stole the show. He’s just a lot of fun. SAMUEL L JACKSON…*sigh*. he’s been getting mixed reviews for this movie. He plays the exact same character he does in most movies, it’s funny as hell, and his actions made him (to me) the most despicable character in the whole movie. The problem is i don’t know if he really FIT in the movie, he felt out of place to me. ah well.

Visual: This movie is REALLY violent, just as we expected, once again the violence is obviously fake but SO abundant. It’s comical. Not in the traditional sense though, i was laughing a lot through the movie because i was saying to myself “I can’t believe they did that, can’t believe they took it that far”. Laughter is the natural reaction to the absurd, and by god was it absurd. There were also a lot of VERY obvious camera moves, such as DRAMATIC zooms and focus pulls, but it worked beautifully with the absurd feeling

Audio:Like i said the music choice was very odd. Lots of songs we all know thrown in, but they match in tone. the best word i think for the score is BOMBASTIC. it is very dramatic when there is original music. SFX. appropriate i guess, nothing sticks out good or bad.

OVERALL: One moment i want to talk about is act III. You know there’s gonna be a shootout, there’s gotta be. BUT the entire act, the characters are moments away from opening fire, I was nervous/ancy to see who broke first and what causes it (gotta say the way they did it I did not see coming until about 30 seconds before it hit). It was a TON of fun, go see it, as long as you can stomach a lot of violence and racial slurs.


THE MIST: first time i had seen this one. One of the few Steven King stories turned movie that i found at all scary. It did a great job with atmosphere, especially in the back 9. I know how it ended ahead of time (SPOILERS). gotta say it made me a little sick, it was so tense and feeling, and it just leaves you with that feeling. I enjoyed it, but doubt i will a second time, wasn’t great, but making me feel ill is an accomplishment

THE FOUNTAIN: I love this movie, but totally see why people wouldn’t, it took me a while to come around for it myself. Hugh Jackman does a very good job in this movie, least I think so…but this movie is really spiritual and all about its themes: From dark into light/love eternal/immortality found in the finality of death. It’s very pretty, and like all Darren Aronofsky films, it is very visual and has an amazing score.

right then, i’m off to write a script about a giraffe.

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