Week 1

So this post is REALLY overdue, since week one ended almost two weeks ago.

DAY ONE: Tuesday, we had Monday off since it was a holiday. I get to the office, nervous but excited (I didn’t sing the song though). It didn’t start well, Started by mistaking the Director for my boss, not the best foot to land on. Inside I meet my boss, Jeff, for about 30 seconds, he quickly sends me upstairs to meet Sadie, The production manager. Well Sadie isn’t here, so i sit myself down and wait. About half an hour later one of the other editors invites me to sit in on an editing session, spent about an hour with them. They were nice, still chat with them when they’re around, but I made a point to stay out of their way. After that I go upstairs to find people in a rush. My first chore is to go to the equivalent of Office Max, which was a few blocks away, and print some pictures. I’d like to point out I’d been in the city…5 days? So I had NO idea where this place was. Lucky me i was given a crude map of where to go and found it with little problem. When I got back to the office, everyone was gone. Once again i turn to my map, the location was really close but in a University…easier said than done to find a specific place in a university when you don’t have specific directions. I wasn’t dressed to be running about on a hot summer’s day. I was told to wear business casual, in the US that’s a polo and slacks. Apparently in NZ that’s dressy, business casual is a t-shirt and shorts, i took to that nicely. So I find them, I spend the majority of the afternoon being the extra muscle, moving boxes and tables, fun stuff. After “lunch” which served at 5 in the evening, I was assigned to work with Byron, the Gaffer (that’s the guy who’s in charge of lights). Very quickly he was asking for tools, between his accent and not knowing lighting tools beyond the basic led me to be VERY lost. He was awesome though, he was very easy with me, even took about 5 minutes to just walk me around his truck and give me a crash course what everything was and where they were kept. For me the day ended about 8, for everyone else, I hear it went to about 1 in the morning. They didn’t want to torture the intern, or so they said. Well i was exhausted after my first day, but by the end of it I was having a good time.

DAY TWO: I met up with the crew about 10 in the morning at the office for transportation, today we were shooting in a house. From here til the end of the week i was the essentially the best boy (the guy who helps the gaffer). From time to time i would do other tasks for the crew, but My main responsibility was to help Byron. Starting this day i started working a lot for Ants, who was in charge of unit. Unit is the group that makes sure there is coffee, water, and munchies for the cast and crew. This job is not as simple as you’d think and there are sacred rules that one should NEVER break. for example, NEVER go through the unit boxes, it’s tantamount to breaking and entering to them. I learned some very interesting info about the shoot that day too,only one of the people i was working with were part of Martin Square. They’re all freelancers working for Red Sky productions (company owned by the director). This day was fairly simple, watch the stuff, and occasionally fetch some equipment from the truck.

DAY THREE & FOUR: I put these together since they were essentially the same, we were shooting in a lecture hall at a local hospital. I was never allowed on set, so i sat in the lobby with the sacred duty of making sure that the gear never went walkabout. These 2 days were not as eventful, more practical application rather than learning. For example, i was asked several times to grab some things for Byron, never had to ask twice. He wanted quackers? i ran to his truck and grabbed him the quackers. But it was good.

So after the first four days i felt pretty good about my internship, but alas I’ve not been on set since then. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, but I do as they tell me. They want me in the studio for now so here I sit. Working on a script with a stuffed giraffe :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy (still love input on future reviews)

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