Once More with feeling…

I’m a bad blogger, i keep getting discouraged/busy and leave it.

UPDATES THEN: I’ve now graduated from University of Tulsa. I was SO glad to get back from New Zealand. Tho an educating experience with some bright moments, overall it was a very bad trip.

The Future of the blog: So now i’m trying to go semi-pro on this stuff. As such i’ve dedicated time each week to go see a new movie and then review it. This should work better since I’d have to conjure up ideas before, now every week it’s already there. ALSO I’m planing on transforming this stuff into Vlogs. I’m gonna start by just recording me talking about the movie after it’s over (a la Brad Jones Midnight reviews). I’m also working on producing short films for sites, hopefully that will lead to money in my pocket, experience under my belt, and a stepping stone to make better reviews.

So first off: MAN OF STEEL

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