Much Ado About Something

I love Joss Whedon. He makes so much awesome stuff, Firefly, Buffy, Dr Horrible, THE AVENGERS. What’s it about his movies and shows that are so amazing (to me)? for me it’s his characters and actors. He seems to bring the best out of all his actors, especially with incredible characters with some of the most clever dialogue known to man. This is why i rushed to see Much Ado About Nothing. Whedon and Shakespeare? I’m sold.

STORY: One Star ★: It’s Sheakespeare word for word (slightly abridged). You have to be stark raving mad to give that man less than full marks. So I’ll talk about the story behind the movie. From what i’ve read, Whedon would have his actor friends over to his house on a semi-regular basis and they’d read Shakespeare together. There was about two weeks between shooting and editing The Avengers, he decided to use that time to gather his actor friends and shoot this movie. I was a tad worried it’s be a little silly and over the top (like Ocean’s 12). It turned out quite well :D

Acting: One Star ★: Like i said, Whedon picks great actors. One thing. DO NOT go in looking for something EVEN CLOSE to a Kenneth Branagh production of Shakespeare. Those are very bombastic, actors chewing the scenery. The actors are much more smooth in this production. The chemistry between Benedick and Beatrice is still quite solid, the actors don’t have to be married to work well off each other. Sean Maher as Don John is kinda bland, but he’s still more interesting than Keanu Reeves :) . Nathan Fillion, My hetero man crush, is great as Dogberry, and that’s not just me saying it as a fanboy. My viewing group all loved his performance.

Sound: Half Star: Nothing special, but not bad. I like Joss Whedon’s simplistic score, it’s a lot like the stuff i wrote in school. He also had some interesting…adaptations of the Shakespeare songs, made em sound modern :D .

Visual: Half Star: Sure it was black and white, but nothing really sticks out. it was simple, effective, but simple and effective doesn’t impress me to a full star. I loved the look of the location and costumes (shot at Whedon’s house).

Enjoyability: 1 Star ★: It had a lot of very funny moments. And as I said before I really like both Whedon and Shakespeare, so that kind of material appeals to me naturally. *Shrug* not much more to say on my behalf. I think you’ll enjoy it if you like witty dialogue and good acting, this movie is FULL of it, but of course you have to be ok with dated vocabulary and style. That is one thing i liked about it as well. The actors spoke very clearly, it’s a common problem in Shakespeare that they get so into the line you can’t hear what they’re actually saying.

Mr. Whedon, I invite you to produce more Shakespeare movies. Of course first you need to get the Avengers 2, Dr Horrible 2, and Rebooting Firefly (I can dream) off of your plate. SO, movie was quite good ★★★★, I’d recommend it, but I know it’ll not be for everyone. Reviews coming up: White House Down (very silly) and because I’m watching it right now: Inception



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