Miss Me?

To all my non-existent readers! I have been gone a long time, your silence discouraged me and I stopped caring about the blog, but now I’m back. We’re also undergoing a shift in content here at Serene Outlaw. Next week I will be departing to New Zealand for 6 months. I will be spending most of my time in Wellington working for Martin Square Productions. It will be awesome. ANYWAYS, the blog will now be bi-weekly updates (as required for my grade). It’ll be fun, I can still review movies, but need to talk also about how the internship is going.

In other news: Perfect Bench (my senior project) is nearing completion. I spent most of the semester prepping/shooting/editing this film. I quite like it. In my opinion it’s much better than Last Lies and Lasting Truths (which you can find on Youtube AND IMDB!!!!) and FAAAAR better than the music video. I hope that it ends up as amazing as it can, so far it’s fantastic.

I’ll be posting my year in review, awards and such. I will only give commentary of movies I saw, so if I didn’t? tough :)

Good to be back

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