A year in review

I will give brief thoughts on the movies i saw this year (not all in theaters). I’m gonna stick with ones that came out this year also. RIGHT THEN

The Hunger Games: This was my last review, and I must say it doesn’t hold up. Every time i looked back at it, I liked it less. When i saw it again after it came out it really was mediocre. the effects were lousy, the story really was betrayed, not in the details, but in the elimination of theme. There is no more hunger struggle, her oppressive loneliness in the games is eliminated. not terrible, but not very good any more.

Cabin in the Woods: I LOVED THIS MOVIE, though i can understand why people wouldn’t. I can’t really go into all the little things i love about it without spoiler reveals, so i won’t. I will say that it is a meta-horor film. a horror movie about making a horror movie. Good meta-cinema is solid gold to me. Just trust me when i say you should give it a watch, I won’t guarantee you’ll love it, but It’s a fairly safe bet if you ask me.

The Avengers: Definitely one of the best movies this year. There’s a reason i love Joss Whedon, he is GREAT at balancing the group. The dialogue was absolutely fabulous. The story was good, graphics were really good. One thing i love is the one long (compound) shot going from hero to hero watching them all using their powers beautifully. I mean c’mon Iron Man shoots an enemy by reflecting off Captain’s shield, pretty bad-ass.

The Bourne Legacy: eh. Unremarkable. Probably would have been a little stronger had it just been its own franchise instead of attaching to Bourne.

Prometheus: It was really inconsistent, I did enjoy it. Parts were good, parts were lousy. I didn’t really get the giant starfish monster (you’ll understand if you see it).The graphics were always good. Rapace and Fassbender were fantastic, they kinda carried the show. Not perfect by any stretch, like Bourne probably would have been better if it didn’t try to attach to an existing franchise.

Moonrise Kingdom: I just saw this a few days ago actually. I really liked it. The two kids will find a great career in acting, at least they ought to. I loved the juxtaposition of such silly visuals with total deadpan humor.

The Dark Knight Rises: It’s not as good as the Dark Knight, bu that’s like saying Mount McKinley¬† is short since Mount Everest is taller (McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America). The acting and story were great and I love this rendition of Bane. The biggest problem is the movie expected us to take a lot of the exposition without explanation, and spent a little too much time telling instead of showing. Anne Hathaway was probably the standout, she was a lot of fun to watch.

Looper:I really love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He and Emily Blunt in this movie were marvelous. Concepts were cool (just ignore that the science doesn’t really work) Good action. I particularly loved the part where the guy from the future suddenly found his limbs disappearing. I still need to watch it again since it’s been ~ 5 months since i saw it last and i really did enjoy it.

Skyfall: A Masterpiece. everyone has already said why this movie is amazing. throwbacks to old bond, good acting etc. What I loved was the cinematography and lighting. half the actions scenes have little to no light, several are done entirely in silhouette. I can say from experience that shooting in that little light is RE-E-E-EALLY hard to do. Not only do they do it, you never lose track of the characters, it’s quite clear what your seeing even though all there is to see is shadow. Probably my favorite part is the scene in front of the Jellyfish in Shanghai. It is definitely one of the well put-together Bond movies (if not THE best).

Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis has earned 2 oscars in 18 years. In that time he did about 10 films. This is another great example of why. He WAS Lincoln, the man doesn’t act, he becomes the character. It was greatly immersive, as my dad put it “one of the few movies i’ve seen where i REALLY felt like i was in the period” between lighting and dialogue it really felt like 1860′s America. Great movie.

The Hobbit: in one word: Lazy. It was entertaining, but overly simple. They could have done a lot more with the movie in my idea, with script, with acting, with music. It felt cheap. Part of the problem is making a bedtime story into an epic, especially trying to make it into 3 movies (I can understand 2).

Les Miserables: The most disappointing movie of the year. I love the musical. Heard that a movie was being made and got excited. saw the trailers and got totally psyched for it. Finally saw it and was crushed. The cinematography was awful. you can blame that one wanting to do live singing. Sure that got the emotions, but so often the music was abandoned. Everyone in the movie was really talented. This movie SHOULD be better, but it wasn’t. (I admit Anne Hathaway is as amazing as everyone says she is, good year for her).

Movies I want to see from 2012: Amazing Spider-man (have it now from Netflix), Dredd, Flight, Argo, Premium Rush, End of Watch, Brave, Wreck-it Ralph, Seven Psychopaths, Django Unchained

Those are what I saw this year (that came out this year). Enjoy

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