Flying day

I wrote this on the plane (yes i know it’s a week ago, but I’ve only now got reliable internet)

Ok, so I’m writing this on the plane. It’s currently…1:00 where I’m from, And I still have ~8 hours left til we get to Auckland. I’ve taken pictures, but can’t post them, kinda in a plane. Yes I’m gonna go get sleep, but first I want to talk about my experience so far before I forget it. Bear with me, it may be a bit rambling, but at this point I doubt it’ll all still be in my head after I sleep. it’s been a long day.

Started at about 7 this morning, at the airport a little after 9. Spent better part of 2 hours waiting for my first plane. That flight was a cakewalk, spent most of it doing logic puzzles, yes I’m 10 all over again and quite frankly I love it. Then I got to SFO (that’s San Francisco Airport). I picked my bags up again, and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours carting them around and waiting. Silly Patrick, shoulda done your homework, then you would have known that Air NZ will not let you check in until 3 hours before your flight, there isn’t even a desk for it til then. After security, the terminal was eerily quiet. I fly a ton, I’m used to the din of airports. To see it…well not silent, but certainly quiet, was almost unsettling.

The 747 we’re flying to Auckland really is massive, never been on one before. Still only got my coffin space for shoulder room, but at least I’ve got the aisle. We got dinner, it was (as expected) pretty lousy, about par with Caf food. Got free wine to go with it tho, that was nice, wasn’t half bad either. Then there’s the entertainment, you get your own screen, attached are about 75 movies. I chose to watch Brave and then End of Watch, knocking two more off my list of things to see from 2012 (I’ll review them in another post). Problem was the sound, my headphones don’t really work since the ports on the plane take two plugs. Mine would work as long as I didn’t touch them, being in my coffin, easier said than done. The alternative was the provided headphones. Now they gave me a nicer pair than normal since I volunteered to switch so a couple could sit together, no loss to me, I went form Aisle seat to aisle seat about 10 feet forward. The problem with those was if I nudged them in some particular way (still not sure what exactly) they screech like banshee in my ears >.<. My legs and rear are killing me, seats are far from nice, but it’s what I got, the occasional lap of the economy section does help. And that takes us up to now.

I think I might just put all the photos in my photobucket account and just link the blog there (with an exception here and there. Well I’m off, try to sleep and all. Night folks!

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