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So the 747 had some really good movies to choose from (mostly new ones), the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (non-extended), the original Italian job, even Looper. So I chose some off my 2012 list of things to see. It’s been about a week since I saw them, been quite a week too, so once again it’s the not-so-detailed reviews.

I started with Brave. Well what people say was true, it plays out a lot more like a Disney princess tale than a standard Pixar tale. The score was forgettable except in its very Disney-esque tone. There were songs, characters SINGING, something we’ve never seen in Pixar, but a STAPLE of Disney princess movies. It followed the same very predictable formula too. It really felt a lot like The Little Mermaid, but Scottish. Now I say that it FELT like that, not that it was that, similar elements and plot flow. It was really predictable. The visuals were quite good, they had our lead ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH on her archery, something I’m surprised you don’t see often (Legolas I’m looking at you but speaking to everyone). I loved the voice acting, it was actually Scottish with Scottish actors, not so hard is it? Not bad, but definitely a weak link of Pixar films, nothing special honestly.

End of Watch, further proof that Jake Gyllenhal is a fantastic actor. I saw that it was a pretty good movie, but had heard very little else about it, so I went in thinking it’d be pretty good. It was actually spectacular to me. Jake and Michael Peña (dude I typed the ñ shortcut from memory having not done so in like 5 years :D ) really make this movie work. The whole film plays up their brotherhood, and the two of them sell the hell out of brothers. What End of Watch also does FANTASTICALLY is tension. You know exactly what’s going to happen, but still am nervous for it, there is just enough possibility of the unknown. Now that could be because I started watching this movie really late and I was tired, but I like to believe the movie did it on its own. Now I will spoil a TAD, it ends on a downward note. BUT after that down note it has the mind to give us a flashback that will bring a smile to our faces as we leave the theater. I’m sorry I can’t go into more detail with this one, I really liked it and feel like it should get more attention than it got.

So after that I attempted to sleep, I got about 3-4 hours of pseudo-sleep. After that I decided for another movie, Little Miss Sunshine. Dysfunction at its finest. Each actor brings their A game. It’s really refreshing to see Steve Carrell play a serious role AND be good at it. It was a good choice to give it the best screenplay Academy Award in its year. Funny, but still quite serious, those are not the easiest elements to balance. A good movie, quite solid.

SO, it’s gonna be a while til I have something new to review, so it’s back to those I’ve already seen. Thanks for reading!

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